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About us

Gepard Visage Gepard Ltd. with residence in Great Britain , London is specializing

in producing top quality professional care cosmetics

and active colour solution products.

Active colour solution are products with special task to solve various
specific skin problems while being used as every day make up tool.
All make products were created using a revolutionary technology of
polymers locked active ingredients. Whitening, anti-ageing and
moisturizing with SPF up to 50, our make-up products give the same
nourishing effect as creams.

The range of our products is a result of 11 years research and
production experience.

In our products we use only clinically tested
active ingredients with proved effective
influence. Highest possible concentration
enables the best results in skin treatments.

Our products are generated with very specific tasks, for clients with such skin problems as:

Atopic Skin inflammation


Hyper - pigmentation

Age pigmentation

Scars, Stretch marks


Because of high influence affect our products are for conscious clients , who know that such problems can not be solved with cosmetics from a shop shelve. Those clients also know it is better to ask for an advice of a professional cosmetician or a doctor, than seek for the right product for years. This is the main reason why our products are distributed only by beauty salons or beauty clinics.